The Best Order of Contributions When Saving for Retirement

Order of Contribution for RetirementIf you are looking for the best way to save the most money for retirement, you need to take advantage of all the different types of accounts that are available. Unless your earnings are high enough to where you can max out every account, you need to prioritize.

Here is the best order of contributions or optimal order of priority to save for retirement. Use these steps to maximize your tax-free and tax-deferred contributions.

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Worst 12 Mistakes to Avoid in Your 401k

401k Mistakes to AvoidWith Social Security and Medicare being unable to meet its obligations by the time many of us reach retirement age, it is all the more important that we do our own saving for old age.

To avoid having to eat ramen every day in retirement, here are the most common 401k mistakes you should avoid.

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401k Contribution Limits for 2024

401k Contribution LimitsEvery year in October, the IRS reviews the 401k contribution limits based on inflation data from the customer price index (CPI) and decides whether to increase the limits for next year.

This allows you to have more money available to grow tax-free so you aren’t depending on just social security in retirement.

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Why A Roth IRA Makes Sense For Millennials (and Everyone Else)

Advantages of Saving With A Roth IRAIt has been said that there are two things certain in life: death and taxes. The first thing I can’t help you with. But for the second, I can with a type of retirement account called a Roth IRA. With this particular type of account, your account’s balance that you see is what you get. Uncle Sam doesn’t get a cent of it.

In addition to the tax advantages, here are six other reasons why you should have a Roth IRA.

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Why The Solo 401k Is The Best Self-Employed Retirement Plan

Solo 401k Retirement PlanAs a self-employed individual for the majority of my adult life, I’ve found there are many perks of self-employment. But one thing that may keep some people from taking the leap to being their own boss is the lack of an employer-sponsored retirement plan such as a 401k.

Enter the Solo 401k, a tax-advantaged qualified retirement plan for the self-employed individual. The Solo 401k not only allows a business owner to save money for retirement; it also makes it extremely easy to supercharge one’s contributions for maximum tax-benefits and retirement savings over all the other self-employed retirement plans and even the traditional 401k.

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Why The HSA Is The Best Investment Tool To Save For Retirement

Using An HSA For RetirementAs open enrollment for the Affordable Care Act begins this month, whether you get your insurance from the Health Insurance Marketplace or through your employer, now is a good time to consider your health insurance options for next year if you haven’t already. You may have seen plans that are listed as HSA-eligible. What many people don’t realize is that HSAs are one of the best ways to save for retirement.

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