Get Cash-Back When Shopping Online with Capital One Offers

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Everything you need to know about Capital One Offers: What cards are eligible, how to access offers, which merchants are participating, how much you can save, and more!

Credit Card Online Shopping
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Credit card companies are constantly offering bonuses, perks, and rewards to get people to apply for and use their credit cards to shop. Knowing that savvy consumers are always looking to get a good deal, one easy way to get people to pull their credit card out of their wallet over a competitor’s is to dangle a cash-back reward.

If you are a Capital One cardholder who is thinking about making an online purchase at a particular merchant, you can save some extra money by using Capital One Offers.

What is Capital One Offers

Capital One Offers is a cash-back rewards program offered exclusively for Capital One cardholders where you can save as much as 20% off your transaction.

When you click through to a merchant from the Capital One Offers website or the Capital One Mobile app and then make a purchase using an eligible Capital One card, you will get cashback in the form of a statement credit.

The Capital One Offers program is similar to programs from other credit card companies such as Amex Offers and Citi Merchant Offers. The main difference is you do not need to pre-enroll for the offer before making the purchase. You only need to click through to the merchant’s site and then complete the purchase within 24 hours.

However, compared to Amex Offers and Citi Merchant Offers, the number of participating merchants on Capital One Offers is vastly superior. The former two each have about a hundred or two offers available. Capital One has over 1000.

Some programs like Amex Offers require you to spend a certain dollar amount to get the credit. The majority of Capital One’s offers do not have a spending threshold. Instead, you get a percentage back of your purchase.

Credit Cards Eligible for Capital One Offers

Capital One says all U.S.-issued consumer credit cards are eligible for Capital One Offers. As long as you are not using one of their business cards, you can take advantage of the shopping program.

In other words, besides the regular Platinum Mastercard, rewards credit cards such as the Quicksilver, Savor, and Venture lines of cards are included too. When you use a rewards card, you will earn a statement credit from the Capital One Offers program and still get the bonus miles or cash-back percentages included with the card.

How to Access Capital One Offers

To check whether your credit card is eligible and start saving on your online purchases, you will first log into your account dashboard on the Capital One website. Then scroll down to the bottom of the page where you can also access Capital One’s CreditWise and Virtual Credit Cards. Look for the “Credits for Shopping” section.

Capital One Credits for Shopping Bottom

Another way to see which card is eligible is to access the card management area for your individual credit card. Directly under the banner that shows your current balance and payment details, you will see the “Credits for Shopping” option if available.

Capital One Offers Dashboard

On the Capital One mobile app, log into your account and scroll down to the bottom. Look for the “Earn Credits for Shopping” section with logos of participating merchants. Tap the “View All Offers” link to see the complete list.

Capital One Offers Mobile App

How to Use Capital One Offers

Using Capital One Offers is pretty straightforward. Once you find an offer you are interested in, click the tile with the merchant to bring up the terms and offer details.

Pay special attention to the merchant details section for what items are eligible for the offer and any exclusions you need to consider to qualify for the statement credit.

Next, click the blue “Continue to Merchant” button at the top of the page to continue to the merchant’s website to complete the transaction. The merchant’s website will load in a new browser tab.

You must continue through to the merchant’s site by clicking the button. Do not type in the domain name directly or modify any portion of the URL in the address bar for the purchase to be tracked correctly by Capital One.

The terms usually say you have 24 hours to complete the transaction after clicking the button. The full terms and conditions state you must make the purchase in the same browser session. My recommendation is to log back into the Capital One Offers site and click through again should you not complete the transaction initially by closing the tab or deciding to think more about the purchase.

Once you’ve completed the purchase with an eligible credit card, Capital One states that it can take up to three billing cycles for the rebate to post to your account.

Things to Consider with Capital One Offers

Here are some things to pay attention to when using Capital One Offers to save on your online purchases.

You Cannot Stack Promotions for Additional Cash Back

You cannot use other cash-back programs and apps, coupons, discount codes, and shopping portals like Rakuten with Capital One Offers.

Some programs like Amex Offers only check to see if you had a transaction with the merchant after enrolling your card. This allows you to stack your rewards by getting a statement credit from the credit card company and cashback from a shopping portal.

Pay Special Attention to the Terms

Each offer has its own specific terms on what qualifies as a valid purchase. Be sure to read the terms or you can be denied your credit.

Some offers exclude purchases or redemptions of gift cards, items already in your shopping cart before clicking through to the merchant via Capital One Offers, opting for in-store pickup, or people who were previously customers of the merchant.

Additionally, take note of when credits will be issued. Offers such as those for hotels, car rentals, and travel may not issue a credit until you’ve completed your reservation. You also may have a deadline to complete the reservation after booking.

Comparison Shop to get the Best Deals

Just because an offer is available on Capital One Offers doesn’t mean it is the best deal. Those looking for the most savings should still shop around to see if there is a better offer elsewhere.

For example, Capital One Offers is currently offering 12% back when you sign up for a regular Sam’s Club membership. However, there have been Sam’s Club membership deals where you can save up to 50% for a regular membership.

Statement Credit May be Issued to a Different Card

Note that Capital One may not post your rebate to the card you used to make the purchase. If you have more than one account, Capital One may apply the statement credit to any active credit card that is open and in good standing.

How Much You Can Earn with Capital One Offers

Capital One limits cardholders to a maximum of $1,000 in statement credits every three billing cycles.

Deals Available on Capital One Offers

Capital One Offers Tiles

There are merchants available for about every category on Capital One Offers, from travel and hotels to shopping and online services.

The issue many people will run across is the merchants are not organized in any meaningful way. There are no categories to browse through and the names of participating merchants are not in alphabetical order. This makes it hard to know if there is an offer available.

I could have saved 5% using Capital One Offers when I bought a new phone last year from OnePlus’ online store. But their tile with the offer was buried near the bottom of the page only accessible while logged into your Capital One account and hidden among hundreds of other merchants.

Capital One has a search function at the top of the page that you can use to look up merchants by name or category. However, the search isn’t exactly accurate. A search for “shoes” brought up Nike, but it also returned the listing for contact lens seller ContactsDirect.

To make it easier to see what is available, below is a list of all the current offers on Capital One Offers, updated monthly. I recommend hitting Ctrl-F on your browser to search for the parts of the merchant name or look down the list alphabetically.

Capital One Offers adds and removes merchants regularly, so be sure to jump on it if you see something that interests you. You may also want to log in and check what new merchants have been added since this list was updated.

Last updated: April 8, 2024

Currently available offers: 1,180

MerchantCash Back
& Other Stories4% back
100% PURE13% back
123inkjets13% back
1-800 Contactsup to 11% back
24Sup to 8% back
25 Home6% back
2XU8% back
4Inkjets13% back
4Moms4% back
7 For All Mankind7% back
AARPup to $13 back
ABCmouse$4 back
AC Lensup to 9% back
Academy Sports + Outdoors3% back
Ace Hardware4% back
Acer7% back
ActionHeat9% back
ADAY6% back
adidas8% back
Adoramaup to 4% back
Adrianna Papell7% back
Aera For Home6% back
AeroGarden7% back
Aéropostale8% back
Aesop7% back
AG Jeans8% back
AG1 by Athletic Greens19% back
Agoda5% back
Air Filters Delivered4% back
Airalo8% back
AJ Madison3% back
AKKO$30 back
Alex Mill6% back
Alice + Olivia8% back
AliExpress3% back
All Posters6% back
Allbirdsup to 10% back
Allen Edmonds4% back
Alloy Apparel8% back
AllSaints4% back
Allure Beauty Box$10 back
Alo Yoga8% back
Alpha Industries6% back
Alphalete6% back
Amy Myers MD7% back
Ancestry17% back
Ancient Nutrition10% back
Angara4% back
Anine Bing4% back
Annie Selke6% back
Anolon6% back
Anthropologieup to 2% back
Apolla Performance Wear8% back
Apothekary9% back
Apple2% back
APRIA Direct8% back
Ariat4% back
Arlo6% back
Aroma8% back
Aroma360up to 55% back
Art.com8% back
Ashley HomeStore3% back
Ashley Stewart6% back
ASICS4% back
At Home3% back
AT&Tup to $45 back
AT&T Business$180 back
AT&T Internet$110 back
AT&T Wirelessup to $45 back
At-A-Glance11% back
Athleta4% back
Athletic Brewing Co.4% back
Athletic Propulsion Labs7% back
Atlantis6% back
audiobooks.com24% back
Autodesk9% back
Autonomous3% back
Avast25% back
Avène USA9% back
Avenue6% back
Avery WePrintup to 6% back
AVG39% back
Avis2% back
Avon8% back
Awara Sleepup to $54 back
Awe Inspired7% back
Axiology Beautyup to 11% back
b.tempt’d7% back
Babbel11% back
Babor11% back
Backcountry3% back
Bad Ass Extension Cords6% back
Bahia Principeup to 5% back
Baked By Melissa6% back
Bali Bras6% back
Ballard Designs6% back
ban.do8% back
Banana Republic4% back
Banana Republic Factory3% back
BannerBuzz8% back
Banter by Piercing Pagoda8% back
Barcelo6% back
Bare Necessities4% back
BarkBox$21 back
Barnes & Noble3% back
Bartesian$14 back
Baseball Monkey6% back
Basepaws12% back
Batteries Plus4% back
BattlBox8% back
BaubleBar9% back
BBQGuys3% back
Beach Camera2% back
Bealls Florida8% back
Bearaby8% back
BeautifiedYou9% back
Beauty Pieup to 7% back
Beauty Plus Salon6% back
bebe11% back
Bed Bath & Beyond3% back
beek6% back
Befitting7% back
behno9% back
Beli Baby50% back
Benefit Cosmetics6% back
Bergdorf Goodmanup to 6% back
Bespoke Postup to $19 back
Best Cigar Prices7% back
Best of Signs11% back
Best Western Hotels & Resorts8% back
BestNest.com6% back
Betabrand8% back
Beverly Hills MD11% back
BeyondBody28% back
Billabong5% back
Billy Reid7% back
Bio Ionic10% back
BIOptimizers11% back
Biossance7% back
Birkenstock4% back
Bissell2% back
bistroMD$6 back
Bitdefenderup to 50% back
Black Widow6% back
Blackstone3% back
Blain’s Farm and Fleet3% back
Blank NYC9% back
Blix Bike5% back
Bloomist6% back
Blue Apronup to $55 back
Blue Sky Vitamin8% back
Blueair5% back
Bluemercury8% back
Bobbi Brown Cosmetics6% back
Boden7% back
BODiup to $22 back
BODi Bike (formerly MYX Fitness)$60 back
Bogner9% back
Boll & Branch7% back
Boll & Branch7% back
Bona Fide Masks8% back
Bonafide10% back
Bond No. 96% back
Bondi Sands4% back
Booking.com4% back
Books A Million4% back
Boost Infiniteup to $94 back
Boscov’s6% back
BOSE3% back
Boston Proper5% back
boteboard.com3% back
Boutique Rugs5% back
BrainMD6% back
BrainPOP7% back
Braun7% back
Breville5% back
Brooks Brothers7% back
Brooks Running2% back
Brookstone8% back
Buckleup to 3% back
Budget Rent-A-Car2% back
Budget Truck Rental2% back
Buffy8% back
Build-A-Bear3% back
Bulletproof Coffee15% back
Burlap and Barrel6% back
Burpee Gardening6% back
Burrow6% back
Burton4% back
Busch Gardens6% back
Butter London10% back
Buydig2% back
Byte$45 back
Caesars Rewards3% back
Cailini Coastal6% back
CALPAK4% back
Calphalon6% back
Calvin Klein4% back
CamelBak8% back
Camilla3% back
Camper6% back
Camping World4% back
Canon6% back
Car and Truck Remotes10% back
Cardboard Cutout Standees6% back
Care/of3% back
Carhartt2% back
Cariloha10% back
Cariuma22% back
Carter’s8% back
Casa Leoup to $39 back
Case-Mate11% back
Casper4% back
Castleryup to 4% back
Cat Footwear4% back
Catalina Crunch12% back
CCleaner22% back
Cellucor9% back
Champion USA6% back
Champs Sports3% back
Char-Broil6% back
Charles & Colvard6% back
Charles Tyrwhitt9% back
Charlotte Tilbury3% back
CheapOairup to $24 back
Check My Body Healthup to 20% back
Checks Unlimited12% back
Cheggup to 33% back
Chemical Guys4% back
Chewy4% back
Chicago Steak Company8% back
Choice Hotels5% back
Chow Sang Sangup to 7% back
Christophe Robinup to 7% back
Cinemarkup to $4 back
Circus NY4% back
CitizenM7% back
city chic6% back
Claire’s8% back
Clarins6% back
Clarks6% back
Clé de Peau Beauté6% back
CLEARSTEM Skincare8% back
Clinique5% back
Clothing Shop Online7% back
Club Monaco5% back
COACH4% back
COACH Outlet5% back
COAST8% back
Cobra6% back
Cocofloss6% back
Codecademy8% back
Coldwater Creek2% back
Colgate6% back
Colleen Rothschild Beauty7% back
Colorescience4% back
Columbia7% back
Compartés6% back
Compliance Training Online14% back
Constant Contactup to $96 back
Consumer Cellular$83 back
ContactsDirect6% back
Converse5% back
Copper Compression11% back
Corelle4% back
COS4% back
COSMEDIX10% back
Costa Del Mar8% back
Costway3% back
COTTON:ON8% back
Covers & All11% back
COX Communicationsup to $55 back
Craftsyup to 28% back
Cratejoy7% back
Credo Beauty7% back
Cricut3% back
Crocs7% back
Crowd Cow6% back
Crown & Caliber1% back
Crystal Clear Memories8% back
Crystal Plus8% back
Cub Cadet7% back
Cuddledown7% back
Cuisinart3% back
Cupshe4% back
Cure Hydration5% back
Current4% back
CustomInkup to 3% back
Cutter & Buck7% back
CVSup to 6% back
Daily Harvest$19 back
Dana Rebecca Designs6% back
Dango Products11% back
Darn Tough Vermont9% back
DataCampup to 25% back
Davines7% back
Day Timer8% back
Decathlon6% back
DefenAge19% back
Dell Outlet6% back
Dell Refurbished4% back
Dell Technologiesup to 7% back
Deluxe7% back
Derek Lam8% back
Dermelect6% back
Dermstore12% back
Design Within Reach4% back
Designer Optics6% back
Desigual8% back
Deux par Deux7% back
Diane von Furstenberg11% back
Dickies6% back
Diet Direct13% back
Diggs8% back
Dior Beauty8% back
DIRECTV$60 back
DirecTV$60 back
Dirty Cookie8% back
Discount Contact Lenses8% back
Discount Dance6% back
Discount Electronics11% back
Discount Ramps6% back
DiscountFilters.com4% back
Discovery Cove6% back
DISH Network$83 back
Disney Store7% back
Disney+$2 back
DKNY4% back
Domestikaup to 28% back
DonJoy9% back
DoorDash$5 back
dpHUE11% back
Dr. Barbara Sturm8% back
Dr. Berg4% back
Dr. Comfort7% back
Dr. Martens8% back
Dr. Marty14% back
Dr. Scholl’s Shoes3% back
Dr. Schulze’s7% back
DSW3% back
Duluth Trading Company6% back
Dun & Bradstreet17% back
DXL Big + Tall3% back
Dylan’s Candy Bar4% back
Dyson2% back
e.l.f. Cosmetics10% back
Earth Breezeup to $11 back
Eastern Mountain Sportsup to 6% back
Ecco8% back
ecobee8% back
EcoFlow3% back
Ecovacs6% back
Eddie Bauer2% back
Ekster8% back
Elie Tahari8% back
Elizabeth Arden7% back
Elvie6% back
eManual Online22% back
Emma Mattress11% back
Erin Condren3% back
Erno Laszlo10% back
Escort Radar4% back
ESPAup to 7% back
Especially Yours6% back
Estée Lauder6% back
Ethel M Chocolates8% back
Etickets3% back
Ettitude7% back
Eufy Life8% back
Event Decor Direct4% back
Event Tickets Center6% back
Everlywell7% back
EveryPlate25% back
Exam Edge19% back
Expediaup to 4% back
Expediaup to 4% back
Experian®up to $9 back
Extended Stay America4% back
ExtraHolidaysup to 8% back
EyeBuyDirect6% back
Eyeconic2% back
Eyeglasses12% back
Factor Meals15% back
Faherty4% back
Fairwaystyles6% back
FamilyTreeDNA8% back
Famous Footwear4% back
Fanatics6% back
Farm RIO8% back
Fast Growing Trees6% back
Fat Brain Toys7% back
Feelunique6% back
Fellow6% back
Fender Shop6% back
Fenty Beauty6% back
Filson6% back
Finish Line6% back
First Aid Beauty9% back
Firstleaf Wine Clubup to 17% back
FITEup to $12 back
Fitz and Floyd5% back
Five Below4% back
Flag & Anthemup to 8% back
Flaviarup to 25% back
Flex6% back
Fly By Jing6% back
Food Lion$1 back
FoodSaver9% back
Foot Locker3% back
For Love & Lemonsup to 3% back
Ford Accessories4% back
Forever213% back
Foster Grant7% back
Found Health$37 back
Fox Rent-a-Car4% back
FRAME12% back
FramesDirect6% back
Franco Sarto4% back
Frank & Eileen6% back
Franklin Planner6% back
Fred Meyer Jewelers11% back
Free People4% back
Fresh6% back
Fresh Clean Threads5% back
Fresh Roasted Coffee10% back
FreshDirectup to 8% back
Frette6% back
From You Flowers11% back
Frye6% back
FTD Flowers11% back
Fubo$28 back
Fuel Meals17% back
Further Food6% back
Gabb Wireless$8 back
GANNI12% back
Gap3% back
Gap Factory3% back
Garrett Wade6% back
Gazelleup to 5% back
GearIt8% back
Gelato Pique9% back
Georg Jensen6% back
Getaway3% back
GetYourGuide9% back
Ghostek11% back
Giftcards.com2% back
Gifts For You Now10% back
Gillette9% back
GIR8% back
Girlfriend Collective4% back
Giuseppez Zanotti8% back
Glamorise11% back
Glasses.com8% back
GlobalGolfup to 6% back
Glossier.3% back
Glow Recipe8% back
GNC8% back
Goal Zero7% back
Gobble$25 back
Gobi Heat8% back
Godiva7% back
Going, Going, Gone!4% back
Good American2% back
Google Store4% back
GoPuffup to 14% back
gorjana4% back
GotPrintup to $8 back
Gourmet Gift Baskets9% back
Grand Canyon West6% back
Grande Cosmetics9% back
Great Jones6% back
Great Wolf Lodge3% back
Green Chef24% back
GreenLife Cookweare9% back
Grouponup to 4% back
Grove Collaborative11% back
Grow Gorgeous7% back
Grown Brilliance5% back
Gruv6% back
G-Star RAW7% back
GUESS3% back
GUESS Factory3% back
GXVE Beauty7% back
H&M7% back
H&R Blockup to 15% back
H&R Block Tax Prepup to 15% back
Haggar6% back
Hamilton Beach7% back
Hanes6% back
Hanky Panky9% back
Hanna Andersson6% back
Happiest Baby7% back
Happy Box8% back
Happy Socks8% back
Hard Tail Forever8% back
Harklinikken8% back
Harney & Sonsup to 10% back
Harrods4% back
Harry’s Razors11% back
Harvey Nicholsup to 8% back
Haus Labs by Lady Gaga10% back
Haven Well Within7% back
HBXup to 6% back
Health-Ade Kombucha11% back
Hello Molly7% back
HelloFresh45% back
Helly Hansen7% back
Helly Hansen Work Wear7% back
Helmut Lang7% back
Henry Rose$7 back
Herman Miller3% back
Hero Breadup to 7% back
Hertz6% back
HEYDUDE7% back
Hickory Farms8% back
HiSmile11% back
Hollister Co.4% back
Home Chef$22 back
Home Shopping Network5% back
Home Title Lockup to $19 back
HomElectrical7% back
Homesick Candles8% back
Horizn Studios14% back
Hostinger40% back
Hotel Collection11% back
Hotels.com3% back
Hotwireup to 4% back
Hu Kitchen11% back
HUE14% back
Huffy4% back
Hugo Boss8% back
Huk6% back
HUM Nutrition6% back
Hungryroot$11 back
Hurley9% back
Hush & Hush9% back
Hush Puppies4% back
Hydro Flask6% back
Hydrowup to 8% back
iBUYPOWER2% back
icebreaker6% back
ID Shield15% back
iHerb3% back
IHG6% back
IHG Hotels & Resorts6% back
ILIA Beautyup to 4% back
Illesteva10% back
illycaffè7% back
Indie Lee7% back
Indochino3% back
InkCartridges.com13% back
Innisfree5% back
InsideTracker6% back
Instacartup to 10% back
Instant Home9% back
International Tool6% back
Intuit Mailchimp41% back
Intuit Payroll$42 back
Intuit QuickBooks$42 back
Invity7% back
Iolo$33 back
Iris & Romeo6% back
iRobot13% back
ISSA – International Sports Sciences Association13% back
Italist7% back
Ivacy VPN47% back
J.Crew3% back
J.Jill3% back
Jack Rogers6% back
James Michelle8% back
Janie and Jack6% back
Jared7% back
JBL9% back
JCPenney2% back
JD Sports6% back
Jelly Belly8% back
jenni Kayneup to 9% back
Jennifer Adams8% back
JibJab$4 back
Jockey6% back
Joe’s New Balance Outlet6% back
John Hardy4% back
johnnie-O6% back
Johnny Wasup to 11% back
Jonathan Adler6% back
Jos. A. Bank6% back
Journeys5% back
JSHealth Vitamins8% back
Juice Beauty7% back
JuJuBe5% back
Junk Food Clothing9% back
Jurlique9% back
JustAnswer$22 back
JustFab, LLC10% back
Justfly.comup to $6 back
Justice8% back
KA’CHAVA19% back
Kaged6% back
Kaplan Test Prep3% back
Karen Kane11% back
Karen Millen7% back
Kate Spade7% back
Kate Spade Outlet7% back
Kate Spade Outlet7% back
Katin USA6% back
Kay Jewelers7% back
Kay Outlet4% back
Keeper Security36% back
Keeps$6 back
KelbyOneup to 33% back
Kendra Scott4% back
Kenneth Cole8% back
Kerastase8% back
Keurigup to 8% back
Key Nutrients11% back
Kids Foot Locker3% back
Kidstir8% back
Kiehl’s9% back
Kindred Bravely4% back
Kinguinup to 4% back
Kipling7% back
KitchenAid6% back
KiwiCo7% back
Klookup to 6% back
Klorane USA10% back
Kofax14% back
Kora Organics6% back
Kroger3% back
KUHL6% back
Kurgo8% back
KUSSHI6% back
KVD Vegan Beauty4% back
Kylie Cosmetics4% back
L.L.Bean3% back
La Roche-Posay7% back
Lab Series7% back
Lancer Skincare10% back
Lancôme6% back
Lands’ End3% back
Lands’ End Business5% back
Lane Bryant3% back
L’ange4% back
LATHER11% back
La-Z-Boy4% back
Leesa6% back
LegalShield$11 back
LEGOup to 6% back
Lenovoup to 3% back
Lensabl8% back
LensCrafters7% back
Leonisa6% back
Letterfolk8% back
Levain Bakery8% back
Levenger3% back
Levi8% back
LEVO Oil4% back
LG Electronics6% back
Liberty Londonup to 4% back
Liberty Tax22% back
Lids6% back
Life Extension4% back
Life is Good8% back
Life Line Screening$41 back
Lifeboost Coffee8% back
Lifelock$50 back
Lifeproup to 8% back
Lightbox Jewelry6% back
Liingo Eyewear13% back
Lillian Vernon4% back
Lindt Chocolate6% back
Linens & Hutchup to 12% back
Liquid Death9% back
Liquid Web121% back
Little Passports17% back
Little Spoonup to $11 back
Lively$83 back
Living Proof6% back
LL Flooring2% back
L’Occitane7% back
Logitech6% back
logitech G6% back
Lolë8% back
Love Wellness4% back
Love Your Melon8% back
Love, Bonitoup to 10% back
Lovepop7% back
Lovesac2% back
Lowesup to 2% back
Lowe’sup to 2% back
Lucky Brand9% back
Lula’s Garden10% back
lululemon6% back
lululemon6% back
LUMINESS11% back
Lunya8% back
M&M’s9% back
M.Gemi7% back
MAC Cosmetics7% back
Mac Duggal8% back
Mackenzie Limited7% back
Macy’sup to 4% back
Macy’s Wine Shop4% back
Made By Mary8% back
Madewell2% back
Magazines.com30% back
MagicKitchen.com8% back
MAGIX28% back
Magnifiup to $66 back
Magnolia4% back
Maidenform6% back
Maisonetteup to 10% back
Manduka6% back
Marathon Sports6% back
Marc Jacobs4% back
Marchesa8% back
Mario Badescu9% back
Marriott3% back
MASKC8% back
Massimo Dutti3% back
Mattress Firm8% back
Maui Jim14% back
max$8 back
Maytag3% back
McAfee33% back
McAfee33% back
Melinda Maria Designs4% back
Melissa & Doug8% back
Men’s Wearhouse6% back
Meridian15% back
Merle Norman7% back
Merrell7% back
Michael Kors6% back
Michael Lauren8% back
Michael Stars6% back
Michaels5% back
Michele6% back
MicroPerfumes9% back
Microsoftup to 4% back
Midland Radio6% back
Mightly7% back
Milk Makeup7% back
Milk Street4% back
mini mioche9% back
Minibar$4 back
Ministry of Supply6% back
Mint Mobile$8 back
Minted3% back
Miracle Brand11% back
Misfits Market$8 back
Misook3% back
Mitchell & Ness6% back
Mixbook7% back
Mizuno6% back
Mizzen + Main8% back
MKF7% back
MLB Shop6% back
Moda Operandi6% back
Modcloth8% back
Molekule5% back
Monoprice3% back
Monthly Clubs$12 back
Moon Juice6% back
Moon Pod6% back
More Labs11% back
Moroccanoil8% back
MORPHE6% back
Motorola4% back
MotoSport3% back
Mount It!8% back
Mountain Hardwear8% back
Movado Company Store4% back
Mpix5% back
MR PORTER7% back
Mrs. Fields8% back
MSC Cruises$33 back
MSC Industrial Supply Co.2% back
MTD Parts3% back
MTN OPS10% back
Muck Boots8% back
Mugler7% back
mullybox50% back
My Evergreen8% back
My Fonts8% back
MyCorporation12% back
myGemma9% back
Myprotein9% back
NAADAM10% back
Naked Winesup to $17 back
NARS Cosmetics7% back
Nasty Gal9% back
Nathan Sports8% back
National Academy of Sports Medicine$10 back
National Business Furniture6% back
Natori8% back
Naturalizer6% back
Naturepedic7% back
Nature’s Sunshineup to 8% back
Nautica9% back
NBA Store6% back
Nearly Natural7% back
Necessaire8% back
Neiman Marcusup to 5% back
NEST New York6% back
NET-A-PORTERup to 6% back
Netflix Shop9% back
NETGEAR3% back
New Balance5% back
New Eraup to 4% back
Neweggup to 3% back
Nexcessup to 50% back
NFHS Network$11 back
NFL Shop6% back
NHL Shop6% back
NIC+ZOE8% back
Nike3% back
Nili Lotan6% back
Nina Shoes8% back
Nine West2% back
Ninja Kitchen7% back
Nipyata6% back
No78% back
Nogginup to $10.50 back
Nolo20% back
NordPass47% back
NordVPN3% back
Northwest Registered Agentup to $110 back
Norton44% back
noteworthy8% back
Numi6% back
NYX Cosmetics8% back
Oakley6% back
Oakley Standard Issue6% back
Office Depotup to 6% back
Olay9% back
Ole Henriksen4% back
Olight6% back
Olivela14% back
Ollie Pets$30 back
Olly12% back
Omaha Steaks3% back
Omorovicza8% back
One Hanes Place6% back
O’Neill4% back
OnePlus6% back
OneSkin3% back
OneTravelup to $6 back
Onnit4% back
Open Spaces6% back
OpticsPlanetup to 6% back
Orbitzup to 4% back
Origin PC3% back
Origins7% back
Orvis6% back
OshKosh B’gosh8% back
Other World Computingup to 6% back
Otter Box7% back
Ouidad8% back
Outdoor Fellow13% back
Outdoor Gear Exchange7% back
Outdoor Voices7% back
Overton’s3% back
Owlet7% back
Oxo6% back
Pacific Coast Feather7% back
Pacifica Beauty6% back
Package Free Shop7% back
PAIGE7% back
Paint Your Life4% back
Pandora6% back
Paramount+$8 back
Paravel9% back
PatPat (US)11% back
Paul Fredrick7% back
Paula Young3% back
Paula’s Choice Skincare8% back
PCA Skin8% back
Peace Out Skincare7% back
Peet’s Coffee9% back
Peloton Apparel7% back
Perani’s Hockey World4% back
Perfume.com4% back
Perricone MD8% back
Persol8% back
Pet Supermarket7% back
PetCareRx8% back
Petco4% back
Peter Thomas Roth7% back
PetMeds9% back
PetSafe6% back
PetSmart4% back
PGA TOUR Superstore6% back
Philips6% back
Philo$17 back
philosophy6% back
Phoozy7% back
Photobucket28% back
Pick Your Plum6% back
Pier 19% back
Pique7% back
Pit Viper11% back
Pixi Beauty6% back
Plow & Hearth8% back
Popsockets8% back
Positive Grid7% back
Positive Promotions6% back
potsandpans.com6% back
Pretty Little Thingup to 7% back
prettylitter.com8% back
Pricelineup to 6% back
Princess Cruisesup to 3% back
Printfresh Luxury Sleepwear6% back
Priority Tire2% back
Private Internet Access VPN30% back
Private VPN50% back
Prive Revaux8% back
Proactiv8% back
Professional Supplement Centerup to 7% back
ProFlowers11% back
Proozy4% back
Prose3% back
Proven12% back
Puffy Mattress23% back
PUMA8% back
PUR Cosmetics10% back
Pura Vida6% back
Pure Talk$28 back
Pureology8% back
Purple5% back
Quay Australia7% back
Quiksilver5% back
Quill4% back
R.C. Willey2% back
R+CO9% back
Race Ramps6% back
Rachio7% back
Rack Room Shoes4% back
Rad Power Bikes Inc.3% back
rag & bone7% back
Ramy Brookup to 6% back
Ray-Ban7% back
Razer3% back
Readers.com7% back
Real Truck3% back
Recess8% back
Redken8% back
Reebok6% back
Reef6% back
REISS3% back
REMI6% back
REN Skincare8% back
Rene Furterer10% back
Renogy4% back
Rentalcars.comup to 6% back
Replacements, Ltd.5% back
Restaurant.com17% back
RéVive8% back
Ritual Zero Proof8% back
RMS Beauty10% back
Robert Barakett7% back
Robert Graham12% back
Robert Mondavi Winery9% back
RoC Skincare7% back
Rocket Dog7% back
Rocket Languages22% back
Rocket Lawyer28% back
Rockstar Original11% back
Rosetta Stone10% back
Rossignol7% back
Ross-Simons4% back
Rothy’s3% back
Roxy5% back
RTIC4% back
Rush My Passport7% back
RVCA5% back
RVshareup to 8% back
ryka8% back
Saatva6% back
Sabon6% back
Safeliteup to $8 back
Saks OFF 5th4% back
Sally Beauty8% back
Salt Life9% back
Sam Edelman8% back
Sam’s Clubup to 8% back
Samsungup to 3% back
Saucey7% back
Saucony6% back
SAXX Underwear6% back
SCHEELSup to 6% back
Scout & Nimble4% back
Scrubs & Beyond8% back
Scuba6% back
Sea New York8% back
Sears3% back
SeaWorld6% back
SEEN11% back
Segway6% back
Send Flowers11% back
Sennheiser US7% back
Sephora3% back
Sesame Place6% back
SFERRA Fine Linens6% back
Shark7% back
Sharper Image5% back
Sheet Music Plus4% back
SHEEX3% back
Shinesty9% back
Shinola11% back
SHIPTup to 4% back
Shiseido3% back
Shoebacca9% back
Shoedazzle, LLC10% back
Shop LC3% back
Shopbop4% back
Short Par 4$17 back
Showpo.up to 8% back
Shu Uemura6% back
Shu Uemura Art of Hair8% back
Sideshow6% back
SideTrak5% back
Silpada8% back
Simms Fishing8% back
Simone I. Smith8% back
SimpleTire3% back
Sio Beauty8% back
SiriusXM$2 back
Skechers10% back
SK-II6% back
Skillshare24% back
SkinCeuticals5% back
SkinStore8% back
Skiphop6% back
Skytech Gaming3% back
SLEEFS9% back
Sling$14 back
Slumberland Furniture4% back
Smashbox10% back
Smokey Mountain Knife Works7% back
Snake River Farms1% back
Snapfish1% back
Snow Whitening8% back
Society 64% back
Sol de Janeiro6% back
Sole Fitness7% back
Solo Stove4% back
Somaup to 4% back
Sonix7% back
Sorel6% back
Soundcore6% back
Speck6% back
Splendid4% back
Splits596% back
Spokeoup to $7.40 back
Spoonflower5% back
Spot & Tangoup to $33 back
SpotHero3% back
SpotOn6% back
SSENSEup to 4% back
St. John Knits6% back
Stags’ Leap8% back$18 back
Stanley8% back
Staples3% back
Staples Print & Marketing3% back
STARZ$4 back
State Line Tack8% back
Steelcase4% back
Stella McCartney6% back
Sterling Forever9% back
Stila Cosmetics6% back
Stitch Golf6% back
Stop & Shop$1 back
Straight Talkup to $17 back
Stride Rite7% back
Stuart Weitzman11% back
Stuart Weitzman Outlet3% back
StubHub6% back
StubHub6% back
Student Universeup to 4% back
Sugarlips4% back
Sun & Ski Sports6% back
Sundance Catalog3% back
Sunday Citizen4% back
Sunglass Hut7% back
Super Chewer$23 back
Super734% back
Supergoop9% back
Supplies Outlet11% back
Sur la Table7% back
Surfshark3% back
Swanson4% back
Swarovski7% back
Sweaty Betty6% back
S’well6% back
SYNC39% back
T3 Micro6% back
Targetup to 2% back
Target Optical6% back
tarte cosmetics7% back
Tata Harper11% back
Tatchaup to 7% back
TaxActup to 13.5% back
TaxSlayerup to 28% back
TaylorMade Golf6% back
Tchibo6% back
TechSmith6% back
teleflora8% back
Telloup to 41% back
Temuup to 33% back
The Adventure Challenge6% back
The Art of Shaving7% back
The Ayurveda Experience4% back
The Body Shop8% back
The Cambridge Satchel Co.7% back
The Company Store2% back
The Container Store3% back
The Farmer’s Dog$30 back
The Fruit Company7% back
The Gift Basket Store11% back
The Great Courses14% back
The Happy Planner2% back
The Home Depot2% back
The Honest Company6% back
The Honest Kitchen9% back
The INKEY List10% back
The Linux Foundation14% back
The Met Store6% back
The Motley Fool$48 back
The New York Times Store7% back
The Outnet6% back
The Outset by Scarlett Johansson6% back
The Perfume Spot5% back
The Princeton Review7% back
The Prisoner Wine Company9% back
The Rush Market4% back
The Skinny Confidential7% back
The Sportsman’s Guide4% back
The Vitamin Shoppe3% back
The Walking Company3% back
The Warming Store6% back
The White Company4% back
The ZWILLING Group Cutlery & Cookware7% back
Theory4% back
Therabody8% back
Think Tank Photo6% back
This Is J9% back
Threadsy9% back
ThriftBooks3% back
Thrive Causemetics4% back
Thumbtack22% back
Ticket Liquidator6% back
TicketSmarter8% back
Tile8% back
Tire Agent13% back
Tire Rack4% back
T-Mobile Home Internetup to $45 back
Todd Snyder4% back
TomboyX3% back
Tommy Hilfiger7% back
Tommy Johnup to 7% back
TOMS7% back
Tony Bianco6% back
Too Faced Cosmetics7% back
Toppik4% back
TopResume14% back
Tory Burch4% back
Total by Verizonup to $17 back
Touch of Modern2% back
TOUS7% back
Tower Hobbies7% back
TracFoneup to 17% back
Tractor Supply2% back
Trade Coffee17% back
Travelocityup to 4% back
TravelPro7% back
Tripadvisorup to 8% back
Troy Bilt4% back
True Leaf Market4% back
TrueFire8% back
Trusted House Sitters$25 back
Tuckernuck6% back
Tuft + Paw8% back
TurboTaxup to 7% back
TUSHY9% back
U Beauty16% back
U.S. Polo Assn.6% back
Udacity17% back
Udemyup to 14% back
UGG3% back
Ulta Beauty3% back
Ultra Mobileup to $15 back
Under Armour8% back
UNice4% back
Uniqlo7% back
Unique Vintage4% back
Until Gone7% back
Upworkup to 9% back
Urban Decay8% back
Urban Outfitters7% back
Urban Skin Rx7% back
UrbanStems10% back
Uwila Warrior6% back
VANNA4% back
Varsity Base10% back
Velotric Bike4% back
VENUS8% back
Vera Bradley Outlet8% back
Verb Products11% back
Verishop8% back
Verizonup to $83 back
Verizon Business$165 back
Verlas8% back
Veronica Beard7% back
Versed Skin7% back
Vestiaire Collectiveup to $7.50 back
Viator, a Tripadvisor company9% back
Vichy8% back
Victoria Emerson8% back
Victoria’s Secret3% back
Vilebrequin6% back
Vince Camuto8% back
Vionic Shoes8% back
Visible$22 back
Visible$22 back
VistaPrint3% back
Vitacost7% back
Vitamix5% back
VivaTerra8% back
Vivid Seatsup to 2% back
Volcanica Coffee7% back
Vrbo3% back
Vvolt Bikes7% back
Vyond12% back
Walmartup to 5% back
Watch Gang8% back
Watch Station5% back
Wayfair3% back
WebRoot10% back
WeightWatchers$11 back
Weleda4% back
Well People7% back
West Marine8% back
West Marine8% back
Western Digital7% back
Weston7% back
Wet n’ Wild Beauty7% back
Whirlpool3% back
White + Warren8% back
White Duck Outdoors2% back
White Fox Boutique6% back
White House Black Marketup to 4% back
White Mountain Puzzles7% back
Who Gives a Crapup to 6% back
Wicked Good Cupcakes6% back
Wig.comup to 4% back
Wild Oak Boutique4% back
Wildbird4% back
WillMaker19% back
Willow6% back
Wilson7% back
Wind & Weather8% back
Wine Insiders8% back
Wine.comup to 6% back
Winky Lux6% back
Wish8% back
Wisp7% back
Wolverine7% back
Wonderbly6% back
wondershare22% back
Woodland Direct3% back
Woodwind Brasswind6% back
Wootup to 2% back
World Wide Stereo7% back
WP Engine$40 back
Wrangler4% back
WWE Shop6% back
Xfinityup to $180 back
Xfinity Mobile$17 back
Xpluswear7% back
Xtratuf9% back
Yesglasses7% back
Yieldstreetup to $385 back
YLANG 238% back
YouMailup to $52 back
Youth To The People9% back
Yummie6% back
Yves Saint Laurent Beauty8% back
Z Gallerie3% back
Zadig & Voltaire9% back
ZAGG9% back
Zales7% back
Zales Outlet4% back
Zappos3% back
ZenBusiness$45 back
Zenni Optical4% back
Zero Water4% back
ZitSticka6% back
Zoe Lev Jewelry7% back
Zoro6% back
ZQuietup to 19% back

Closing $ense

Capital One Offers gives Capital One cardholders yet another way to save money when shopping online at a wide selection of merchants. Savvy shoppers may be able to save even more through other online shopping portals or finding discount codes.

However, when you are short on time, Capital One Offers lets you save without having to scour all over the internet looking for offers and coupon codes which may have expired already. You also get your money credited to your account without worrying about meeting a minimum balance threshold to cash out like some other cash-back programs.

Have you used the Capital One Offers program before when shopping online? What are your experiences? Was it worth the extra effort?

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