Extension Cord Plug Replacement Guide

Replace Extension Cord Plug GuideDo you have an extension cord or power cord damaged near the plug? Don’t throw out that cord!

Here is how you can repair that cord in only a few minutes with just a screwdriver by replacing the extension cord plug. Not only is this fix quick, but it also costs less than $5.

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How to Repair an Extension Cord That’s Been Cut

Damaged Extension CordDo you have a damaged extension cord or electrical cord from a mishap or normal wear and tear? Rather than throwing out the extension cord, appliance, or power tool, here is a simple DIY tutorial to repair that power cord so it is like new again.

Here’s how to save money and get more useful life out of your extension cord.

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How to Repair a Mouse Button That Is Not Working

Fix Broken Mouse ButtonClick a mouse button enough times, and eventually, it will fail. It is not a matter of if it will fail, but when. Rather than throwing your mouse into the trash and buying a new one, you can repair the mouse button for a couple of dollars or less by replacing the faulty mouse microswitch.

Here is how I fixed the non-working middle button switch on my mouse for less than $1.

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How to Cut Tennis Balls for Walkers and Chairs

DIY Tennis Ball SlidersHow to cut your own tennis balls to use as homemade sliders on orthopedic walkers and chair legs. This easy do-it-yourself guide shows you how you can make your own tennis ball walker glides to save money over commercial options.

Pre-cut tennis balls for walkers can cost over 600% more than buying tennis balls and making them yourself.

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Watch Out For Fake Copyright Infringement Emails

Fake Copyright TakedownThere has been a fake copyright infringement email claiming to be from an upset photographer or graphics designer going around the internet for the past few months. If you fall for the scam, it could result in your computer being infected with malware or ransomware.

Here is what you should look out for and how you can stay safe when opening unknown links and files.

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How to Replace A Bad Microwave Door Switch

Microwave on Kitchen CounterRecently I was heating up lunch like I normally do, which is using the microwave. I put my food in, selected the time, waited for the light to turn on and my food to spin around and around, finally coming out hot like magic. Only instead of turning on, nothing happened.

Here is how I fixed my microwave for less than $5 by replacing a faulty door switch.

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