Phone Number Hack for Free Rewards Points and Store Discounts

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These days it seems every grocery store, drug store, coffee shop, gas station, and even office supply store has a rewards program that offers shoppers discounts and other benefits for shopping with the company. Members can earn points, score a percentage off each purchase, receive a discounted price, or get a freebie after a certain number of purchases.

In exchange for those rewards, the retailer wants you to sign up for an account or rewards card by providing some personal information like your name, phone number, and email address. With your private data and purchasing history, stores get an idea of how their marketing campaigns are performing and sell the sales data to advertisers.

When you want to get a store’s loyalty discount but don’t want to sign up with every retailer under the sun, you only need to know one phone number – Jenny’s.

Why 867-5309

The phone number 867-5309 is from the 1981 single 867-5309 / Jenny performed by Tommy Tutone. The song peaked at #4 on the Billboard Hot 100 and #1 on the Rock Top Tracks in 1982. Its popularity led to thousands of people dialing the number looking for “Jenny”.

Four decades later, the song doesn’t get much playtime on radio stations anymore. But the number lives on in retailer’s loyalty programs across the country.

People who are hesitant to give out their phone numbers for fear of getting unwanted marketing calls will often use a fake number when signing up for products and services, including the increasingly popular rewards programs.

Thanks to a catchy tune, the number 867-5309 is easy to remember and recall. It is likely someone has already opened a rewards account using that number.

To make it more convenient for customers, stores often allow you to enter your phone number on the credit card terminal in place of swiping a rewards card or keychain tag.

The next time you are at a new store and the cashier asks whether you are a rewards member, try entering your local area code plus the number 867-5309.

You may be pleasantly surprised when the number goes through and you walk out saving a few extra dollars on your purchase.

Does This Really Work?

Of course it does!

I’ve been using the number at my local grocery store. So far there has been an existing account with all three of the (local area codes) + 867-5309.

Grocery Rewards Total Savings with 867-5309

On one account, people have already saved upwards of $4688. And it is only January!

Free Rewards Points from 867-5309

Another benefit of using a rewards account used by many other people is the accumulated reward points on the account.

Grocery stores such as Kroger, Safeway, or Harris Teeter offer fuel points for savings at the pump as a loyalty perk for customers to shop there instead of at a competitor. For each $100 spent in the store, you can save 10 cents a gallon on gas.

When dozens to hundreds of people are using the same phone number and rewards account for grocery savings, the points can add up fast. If you are lucky, you may be able to use those points for discounted gas the next time you fill up or whatever rewards the retailer offers to their customers for being a member.

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A couple of weeks ago when I used 867-5309 at the checkout, my receipt reported there were 202 fuel points available on the account. That would have been good for 20 cents off each gallon of gas.

Fuel Points Grocery Receipt from Using 867-5309

Keep in mind redeeming the rewards points for a community rewards program is first come, first serve. You may find after entering the phone number at the pump that someone else has already beaten you to the points.

Closing $ense

It will always be better to sign up using your phone number if you want to redeem the membership points or score a freebie.

But for the times you are traveling or shopping at a new store that you don’t frequent often, try punching in the local area code followed by 867-5309 if you don’t have a discount card with the store. This simple hack can easily help you save some money on your receipt.

Besides the number from the song Jenny, there are plenty of other popular numbers that get submitted to the customer databases. Sometimes if you try to enter a number and it doesn’t go through, the cashier may swipe a spare rewards card they keep on hand to speed the transaction through.

Are you a member of any company’s rewards programs? Have you tried using a well-known phone number as a workaround to joining a loyalty program?

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