4 Ways to Do a Free VIN Lookup Online

BMW X6 Driving on HighwayWhen you buy a used car, doing a VIN check on the car is especially important since you have no idea about the car’s ownership history. Otherwise, you could end up with someone else’s costly problems.

Here are four free ways to check a car’s VIN when you are shopping for your next car.

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Too Good To Go: Get Discounted Food and Save the Planet Too

Too Good To Go AppIn a recent TikTok video, a Dunkin’ Donuts employee showed the number of donuts that were simply thrown into the trash at closing time. Only five minutes ago, those tasty donuts were being sold to customers.

Here is where Too Good To Go comes in. Find out how you can combine saving money, saving the planet, and trying out delicious food from local restaurants you may not have come across otherwise.

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How to Get Apple Music for Free

Apple Homepods on TableUntil February 2022, everyone who signed up for Apple Music automatically got a free trial of three months to try out the service. Apple has since reduced the trial to one month.

Rather than signing up through Apple and settling for a one-month trial, here are several easy ways you can get the popular Apple Music streaming service free for longer.

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