14 Simple Ways To Save On Your Hot Water Bill

Water Heating SavingsHeating water is the second-largest energy expense in a household, accounting for almost 18% of your total energy bill behind space heating. These costs add up quickly, with the average household spending between $400-$600 a year on water heating.

If opening your monthly electric or gas bill sends a chill down your spine worst than a cold shower in the middle of winter, here are some simple tweaks and some changes in your usage habits that could result in some substantial money savings on your water heating costs.

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The Best Order of Contributions When Saving for Retirement

Order of Contribution for RetirementIf you are looking for the best way to save the most money for retirement, you need to take advantage of all the different types of accounts that are available. Unless your earnings are high enough to where you can max out every account, you need to prioritize.

Here is the best order of contributions or optimal order of priority to save for retirement. Use these steps to maximize your tax-free and tax-deferred contributions.

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Save Money By Freezing Milk

Freezing Milk and Saving MoneyLast week I stopped into Aldi and found a couple things on special, with one being whole milk for 79 cents a gallon. That’s not a typo. $0.79 as in less than a dollar for a whole gallon! So bought three extra gallons and ended up with double the amount of milk we normally drank. What to do with all that extra milk before it spoils? Freeze it, of course.

Just like how you can freeze meats, vegetables, and prepared foods so they’d last longer before spoiling, it is perfectly safe to freeze milk so it doesn’t go bad before you can use it. Here’s how.

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Online Brokerages with Free Stock Trading in 2020

Brokerages Free TradingOn October 1, Charles Schwab announced that they were reducing their online trading commissions for U.S. and Canadian-listed stocks, options, and ETFs to $0, effective October 7. That’s zero dollars, as in completely free. Schwab previously charged commissions of $4.95 per trade before this announcement. In rapid succession, other major brokerage firms announced they too will be eliminating trading commissions.

Eliminating trading fees may have cost the major discount brokers each hundreds of millions of dollars a year in revenue, this is actually great news for the individual investor. Here is a list of online brokers who’ve dropped trading fees, and find out how this is possible.

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Buying A Tankless Water Heater? The Pros and Cons

Pros and Cons of Tankless Water HeatersPopular in Europe and Japan, a tankless or on-demand water heater is exactly what it sounds like. Instead of a giant storage tank holding 30 to 80 gallons of hot water, a tankless water heater circulates cold water through a series of coils called a heat exchanger where the cold water is heated by electric elements or gas burners on demand.

Whether you are looking to replace your current traditional water heater or putting in a tankless water heater in a newly constructed home, here are some myths, advantages, and disadvantages between the two different types of water heaters to get the most value for your money.

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6 Tricks To Save A Ton of Money Fast or Build An Emergency Fund

Tips to Save Money FastIn a January 2019 survey, Bankrate found that 60% of Americans were unable to pay an unexpected $1,000 expense. That is a lot of people who are living paycheck to paycheck and barely saving any money. The survey also revealed that 77% of respondents said that either they or an immediate family member had to deal with a financial emergency in the last year that was $1,000 or more, with 36% of those facing a bill greater than $5,000.

This brings up a couple questions. How can one increase their savings? What can we do when 1 in 5 working Americans aren’t saving any money at all?

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30+ Easy Ways to Save Money on Food

Save Money at the Grocery StoreHow many times have you been to the grocery store and after getting everything in your cart scanned, was surprised by the total price displayed on the checkout screen?

There are many ways you can save money when it comes to food. You can use coupons, phone apps, meal planning, online ordering, sales, and more. Here are some simple tips to save money on food no matter how big or small your food budget.

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Fire TV Stick Review (2nd Gen) – Is Amazon’s Streaming Device Worth Buying?

Amazon Fire TV Stick ReviewThe Amazon Fire TV Stick and Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K are two of the most popular streaming devices for available. Streaming media devices like the Amazon Fire TV Sticks, Roku, and the Google Chromecast are great for people who are looking to cut the cord on their cable service and save some money each and every month.

Here is my review and thoughts on the Amazon Fire TV Stick and how you can watch popular movies and your favorite shows without paying for cable.

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61 Extraordinary Fun Cheap Date Ideas for Couples

Cheap Date Night IdeasIt is no surprise that dating can be expensive. Everything that goes into finding love and companionship, things like coffee dates, bar tabs, meals, dating site memberships, event tickets, new outfits, and haircuts costs money and all that money adds up quick.

Rather than avoid dating completely because it costs money, you can go on cheap dates that fits within your budget. Here are some cheap date ideas for having a fun date together without going broke in the process.

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13 Easy Ways to Save Money On Your Cell Phone Bill

Saving Money On Your Cell Phone BillThese days just about everyone has a cell phone. Tell people you don’t have one and they will look at you like you have two heads. With the big four carriers pushing their unlimited plans with unlimited talk, texting, and data, it is not a surprise to see your cell phone bill costing $70 or more a line.

Want to pay less on your cell phone bill? Here are some tips and tricks on how to save money on your cell phone and plans.

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