How to Save Money on Printing When Ink Costs a Fortune

Save Money Ink CartridgeDoes it seem like you are spending a fortune on ink for your printing needs? You are not imagining things. Consumer Reports found that ink for inkjet printers ranged from $13 to $95 per fluid ounce, or about $2,002 to $14,630 a gallon.

Luckily, there are many easy ways you can save money on printing and the cost of ink.

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States Where Lottery Winners Can Remain Anonymous

Lottery NumbersWe rarely think about needing to claim lottery winnings anonymously when the odds of hitting the Powerball or Mega Million jackpot are almost one in 300 million. Lottery winners really should consider remaining anonymous to avoid the many privacy and safety issues that come with the territory.

Luckily, more and more states are passing legislation allowing lottery winners to remain a secret.

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BPme Promo Code for 40¢ Off Per Gallon at BP Gas Stations

BPme Rewards Promo CodeGet the latest BPme promo code to supercharge your fuel savings when you get gas at participating BP and Amoco stations. This newest BPme Rewards discount offer gets you an extra 40¢ off per gallon of gas the next time you stop for gas.

Here is how you can instantly save money on every gallon of gas with the BPme Rewards program.

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How a Virtual Credit Card Can Protect You From Fraud

Virtual Credit Cards for Fraud PreventionA virtual credit card can reduce some of the worries about fraud and your credit card number being stolen in a data breach or used by an untrustworthy merchant when using your credit card online.

Here is why I generate a unique virtual credit card for every vendor I do business with on the internet and why you should do the same.

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Chase Secure Banking $120 Bonus

Chase Bank Mobile PhoneDo you want an extra $100? Chase is offering new customers who open a Secure Banking checking account a $100 bonus deposited directly into their new account.

Here is how to apply for and qualify for this limited-time bonus offer.

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Chase Total Checking $300 Bonus Offer

Chase Checking Mobile PhoneChase Bank is offering eligible customers a $200 bonus when you open a new Chase Total Checking account and make a direct deposit to the account within 90 days of account sign-up.

Here is everything you need to know to qualify for this latest Chase Bank checking account offer.

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How to Cut Tennis Balls for Walkers and Chairs

DIY Tennis Ball SlidersHow to cut your own tennis balls to use as homemade sliders on orthopedic walkers and chair legs. This easy do-it-yourself guide shows you how you can make your own tennis ball walker glides to save money over commercial options.

Pre-cut tennis balls for walkers can cost over 600% more than buying tennis balls and making them yourself.

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Worst Mistakes New Car Owners Should Avoid Making

Brand New Lexus Car KeyYou’ve just bought your first new car with only a dozen miles on the odometer.

If you are planning to keep your brand new car for 10, 20, or even more years; here are some things you should avoid during the initial break-in period to ensure decades of trouble-free car ownership long after the new car smell is gone.

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Watch Out For Fake Copyright Infringement Emails

Fake Copyright TakedownThere has been a fake copyright infringement email claiming to be from an upset photographer or graphics designer going around the internet for the past few months. If you fall for the scam, it could result in your computer being infected with malware or ransomware.

Here is what you should look out for and how you can stay safe when opening unknown links and files.

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GetUpside Referral Code for Bigger Savings

GetUpside Referral Code and ProgramAre you looking to save money at gas stations, restaurants, and grocery stores with the GetUpside app? Before you download and install the cash back app, consider using a GetUpside referral code when you register to save even more on your first fill-up.

Read about how much you can potentially save and earn with the GetUpside referral program.

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