Understanding Crypto Maker-Taker Fees

Crypto Trading Bitcoin on LaptopMany major crypto exchanges charge maker and taker fees for buying and selling cryptocurrency. What are these fees and how do you make sure you are paying the lowest amount when placing an order?

Learn how you can reduce your fees when trading cryptocurrencies by being charged the lower maker fee instead.

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Extension Cord Plug Replacement Guide

Replace Extension Cord Plug GuideDo you have an extension cord or power cord damaged near the plug? Don’t throw out that cord!

Here is how you can repair that cord in only a few minutes with just a screwdriver by replacing the extension cord plug. Not only is this fix quick, but it also costs less than $5.

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How to Repair an Extension Cord That’s Been Cut

Damaged Extension CordDo you have a damaged extension cord or electrical cord from a mishap or normal wear and tear? Rather than throwing out the extension cord, appliance, or power tool, here is a simple DIY tutorial to repair that power cord so it is like new again.

Here’s how to save money and get more useful life out of your extension cord.

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How to Buy I Bonds and Earn 4.28%

United States Treasury BillI Bonds have suddenly gone from near obscurity to becoming a very popular savings option thanks to the U.S. Treasury paying 6.89% annual interest for the next six months for those owning these government savings bonds.

Here is what you need to know about investing in low-risk I Bonds.

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